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EJDesign Firm is a minority, women-owned marketing, communications and business innovation consulting firm based in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Since its founding in 2005, we have collaborated with start-ups, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, state and government entities globally - utilizing marketing and communications strategies as problem-solving solutions.


We have an earned reputation for thinking intentionally about the intersection of organizational development, profitability, operations and customer/user experiences to achieve measurable results that last. Using the ADDIE model as a developmental framework, we assess, design, develop implement and evaluate problem-solving - turning concepts into integrated, automated and efficiently executed business strategies. 

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People make it possible

At EJDesign Firm, we believe in the power of people. It is through people that organizational purpose, programs and processes are possible within any business infrastructure.


We embrace opportunities to work cross-culturally to collaborate with individuals from all walks of life–with a strong belief that supports multi-level representation to leverage voices, perspectives and diverse experiences of all audience demographics.


We support organizational transparency and lead with authentic communication–and have earned a reputation for thinking intentionally about the intersection of how organizational development strategies align with business profitability, operations, experience and measurable impact.


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